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07 Mar

When thinking about making the move to Mexico, finding employment may be a concern. The good news is not only are there several options for working legally in Mexico but the US dollar really stretches far. The difficulties of supporting yourself and your family in the states as a low or middle income salary is a thing of the past in most cities in Mexico. 

So what are the options for working?

Virtual Jobs. Completely remote companies and traditional companies allowing remote work are on the rise. 

You can find full and part time with a variety of required skills. Transcription, Customer Service, Data Entry, Reservations and Teaching English are the most popular low/no experience required jobs I’ve seen. 

  • Join the Facebook Group Virtual Workers of America for leads on these types of jobs.
  • Checkout VIPKid for jobs teaching English virtually. A teaching degree isn’t necessary but TEFL certification is desired. You can get your TEFL certification online!
  • Escribers is a site where companies can hire contract transcriptionists.

There are also more technical jobs like Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Project Management, Developer, Engineer, TechOps, System Administrator and even Executive remote jobs available as well. Check the following sites daily to leads on these types of jobs.

  • www.weworkremotely.com This site only allows job postings for remote work, it’s a great resource for startups and 100% remote companies
  • www.remote.co This site allows you to search remote jobs by skill and you can even create an email alert to send you notification of new jobs posted
  • www.themuse.com Not only is this site a great resource for job hunters in general but you can search for “flexible / remote” in location to isolate just the remote opportunities
  • www.powertofly.com This is an excellent site dedicated to empowering women. Search by “remote” in the location type filter.
  • www.linkedin.com Many don’t know that when searching jobs on LinkedIn you can actually search by remote in the “search jobs” search box. Just set the location search criteria to “worldwide”.
  • www.indeed.com This job board allows you to enter “work at home” in the location search criteria to isolate remote jobs.

US Companies in Mexico. Finding a US company operating in Mexico is another option for working in Mexico. Some companies will require the same residency requirements as a Mexican company if their HQ or payroll is located in Mexico however; be sure to ask what residency requirements will be needed during the interview process. Some major US companies with operations in Mexico include:

Self-Employment. Mexico is a country of self-starters which you’ll undoubtedly witness as soon as you arrive! If you’ve ever dreamed of opening a restaurant, making furniture, selling your art, etc. Mexico may provide you with the perfect landscape to realize your dream! As with many subjects I discuss I will warn you to implore common sense here. Don’t expect to sell handicrafts in an area with an ample amount of local handicraft providers or open the 101st pizzaria. Look for an area where your niche is welcomed and in short-supply! When applying for your residency be sure to request permission to own and operate a business. Your local Mexican consulate can walk you through the requirements and process to do so!

In future posts I’ll discuss the average prices for living in Mexico and Tax Implications for working in Mexico. In the meantime, if you have any great resources for working in Mexico to add, please comment!

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