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27 Mar

These are just some phrases to get you started. While many expat communities allow you many english-speaking comforts, I whole-heartedly agree with the folks who believe the Mexican experience is best enjoyed using the language. 

So don’t be afraid to learn, practice and keep learning! 

Disclaimer, I’m not a language professional so the phonetic pronunciation is my best attempt! 

  • Asking for gasoline 

    • Spanish: Quiero $200 pesos de regular porfavor.
    • Phonetic pronunciation: Key-year-o dose see-entos day ray-goo-lar poor-fa-vore.
  • Where is the bathroom?

    • Spanish: ¿Donde esta el baño?
    • Phonetic pronunciation: ¿Done-day es-tah el ban-yo?
  • Polite Responses

    • Thank you

      • Spanish: Gracias
      • Phonetic pronunciation: Grah-see-ah-s
    • Yes

      • Spanish: Si
      • Phonetic pronunciation: See
    • No

      • Spanish: No
      • Phonetic pronunciation: No
    • You’re Welcome

      • Spanish: De nada
      • Phonetic pronunciation: Day nah-dah
  • Have a good day

    • Spanish: Que tenga buen día
    • Phonetic pronunciation: Kay tane-gah boo-ane dee-ah
  • How much does it cost?

    • Spanish: ¿Cuanto cuesta?
    • Phonetic pronunciation: ¿Coo-on-toe coo-es-tah?
  • How are you?

    • Spanish: ¿Como estas?
    • Phonetic pronunciation: ¿Co-moe es-tah-s?
  • What is your name? / My name is …

    • Spanish: ¿Como te llamas? / Me llamo [Amanda]
    • Phonetic pronunciation: ¿Co-moe tay yah-mah-s?
  • How do I get to [location]?

    • Spanish: ¿Como llego a [location]?
    • Phonetic pronunciation: ¿Co-moe yay-go a [location]?
  • Where is the ATM?

    • Spanish: ¿Donde esta el cajero?
    • Phonetic pronunciation: ¿Dōn-day es-tah el ka-hair-oh?
  • Can you call me a taxi?

    • Spanish: ¿Me puedes pedir un taxi?
    • Phonetic pronunciation: ¿May puay-des pay-dear un taxi?

Here a few sites I’ve either used myself or have heard are very good:

Now get out there and start practicing! ¡Tú puedes!

Original image from: https://www.mumabroadlife.com/5-great-places-to-learn-spanish-in-madrid/

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