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28 Mar

Is there mail service in Mexico? This is question I get regularly from my own family. They just can’t believe that we don’t have postal service delivery to the door. Like can’t fathom it. Lol

Well as you’ve probably guessed by my opener, no, in most places in Mexico there isn’t mail delivery service to your door. While there are many reports of deliveries making it to the door, I’ve read many more reports where the deliveries never arrived. That said, there are ways to get mail and packages, it just requires a little more effort than walking to the end of your driveway. 

See below for general information about mail service and note that every local area may have slightly different options. When you move, join your local FB group and ask for recommendations on the best shippers/receivers in town.

Private Mail Box Service.

 Zoomalo Moving and Storage has a full service mail and package program for sending and receiving.

  • This is especially important for those on Social Security. If you are now, or soon will be, receiving monthly Social Security payments, use a mail-forwarding service that assigns you an address in the U.S. Use that U.S. address as your "official" address with Soc Sec. If you give Soc Sec a foreign mailing address, then Soc Sec will mail a "Proof of Life" letter to that foreign address every year. If you do not receive it, sign it, and return it by mail within the allotted time (45 days), then Soc Sec will assume you are dead and automatically stop all future monthly payments. 
  • US Certified Mail. USPS Certified Mail is a product of the United States Postal Service and not available in Mexico. 
  • Mexico Mule Forum. This is a great Facebook group where anyone in Mexico can ask to have something "muled" in from or out to US or Canada. You post what you need, being specific as to size and weight, and where you are in Mexico. Then if someone will be in the area they will reach out.
  • More about Deliveries. There are other options when it comes to deliveries like FedEx and DHL in Mexico but I’ve heard mixed reviews about timing and reliability. Also, Amazon.com.mx delivers to homes in Mexico but I’ve never personally use it.

Please share any tips or experiences with mail in Mexico which will help our expat community!

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