Repatriation – Moving back to the USA

When moving back to the USA you are allowed to bring certain household effects with you. Here we talk about the process and limitations on moving your possessions back north.

How can ZOOM-A-LO Shipping help me move back to the USA?

ZOOM-A-LO Shipping based in San Miguel de Allende and previously Lavinia's shipping, has 15 years of experience moving customers both to Mexico and to the United States. We work with a network of drivers in the USA and can offer pick-ups and deliveries to almost any location.

What are the steps for moving with ZOOM-A-LO Shipping?

  • Make an inventory of your household items. It does not have to be item-by-item, but we do need a full number of pieces/boxes and details of each. We can help you with your inventory, either in person in San Miguel, or we can send you a handy form via email.
  • We can give you a quote based on your inventory and the level of service you require. We offer a white glove service where we pack your items on pick up and unpack on delivery, or you can pack your own items* and we deliver to the ground floor of your new house.
  • We set the date for the moves, depending on the distance, weather conditions among other factors. If you choose white glove we offer an express service and will aim to get to your destination direct. We also offer a shared truck delivery service where we pick up and drop off other packages en route to your home.
  • We pick up your items and move them to their destination. We work with a broker at the border to present all the required documents to customs to ensure that your items cross safely.

The above includes information from the US Customs and Border Protection website on Sending Household Effects, accessed January 4th 2017.

*We do not take responsibility for breakages that may occur in boxes that are packed by the customer.

What can I take with me?

You are allowed to re-patriate your household items that have been in your main residence for at least 1 year.

Household items include:

  • Furniture
  • Dishes
  • Sheets and bed covers
  • Books
  • Artwork and other decorative items
  • Other general household items

What restrictions are there?

Like any other import to the USA, there are limitations on what you can bring with you.

We are not permitted to ship the following items:

  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Firearms or other weapons
  • Seeds, Plants, or biological agents
  • Cash or cash instruments

Pets and cars must follow a different route for repatriation.

 What paperwork do we need for customs?

  • Complete Form 3299 - Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles. We can help you fill out this form.
  • Power of attorney allowing us to cross the border with your items.
  • Copy of final inventory
  • Exact address in Mexico
  • Time in Mexico
  • Exact address in USA
  • Copy of Passport
  • Social Security Number