Satisfied customer – Adam

[ZOOM-A-LO] arrived at around 10pm on Saturday night and helped unload. We have not yet unboxed everything (not yet opened all paintings and all plates), but the things we did open (including large paintings and the glass piece) were very well packaged and in great shape. Thank you for the

Crossing the border with your dog


Customer Q & A - When can I cross the border with my dog?

There are very few restrictions on bringing dogs across the US/Mexico border, so good news for Alvaro or Firulais, he can move or go on vacation too.

If you are crossing the border with your pet you will need a valid certificate of health from a vetinarian, usually emitted 7-10 days before you travel. You will need to cross when the border offices are open to declare your pet at customs. You can see all the Mexico - US border ports of entry opening and wait times here.